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WW Chief People Officer On Being A Black Executive andCorporations In Ending Systemic Racism

Source: Forbes

Kim Seymour, Chief People Officer at WW (formerly Weight Watchers), has built her 20-plus-year career by forging connections, delivering insights and linking talent to strategy in senior leadership roles at organizations that include American Express and General Electric. We sat down with Kim to discuss the anti-racism movement in America, her personal experiences as a Black executive and what corporations can do to help end systemic racism, starting with their own organizations.

During our conversation, Kim called on all American corporations to be intentional in their commitment to helping Black employees. She said companies that develop programs to help Black employees progress free of potentially racist obstacles and that invite Black employees to the table to be part of the solution will lead the way. “Forget your corporate slogans or what you say you stand for,” she said. “Show people who you are and the culture you want by who you hire, fire and promote.”

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