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Music to Get You Through a Busy Work Day

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

By: 3D Vision

When it comes to working, everyone has their own music vibes for maximum productivity. The 3D Vision team shares the go-to music we used to push through our day while working from home, or elsewhere. PS—All playlists are on Apple Music.

Gospel music has a way of putting you in touch with the untouchable, making you grateful for the ungraspable. Uplifting and inspirational, here’s a playlist of the best new gospel around: The sound of Sunday, any day you like. Our editors update selections regularly, so if you hear something you like, add it to your library.

Source: Apple Music

The way Jazmine Sullivan sings of love, lust, and heartbreak (and the infinite expanse in between) is nothing short of magic. Her voice imbues her lyrics with boundless depth and emotion, and it’s no surprise that the women on this International Women's Day playlist, made by Sullivan for Apple Music, are capable of the same. Among them is Summer Walker, whose breakout single “Girls Need Love” is included. “[It’s] one of those songs I wish I had written,” Sullivan tells Apple Music. “She sings it to perfection, and the song reps the fact that women today are unapologetically living and speaking their truths. This song honestly and boldly speaks from the woman’s perspective of our sexual needs.” Explore this collection, add what you love to your library, and enjoy.

Source: Apple Music

Cardi B’s embodiment of power is straightforward: Whitney Houston and Beyoncé. The two singers—both otherworldly and ceiling-shattering—head up Cardi’s playlist for International Women’s Day, and their influence can be heard inside the rapper’s own catalog. “Beyoncé is a boss,” she tells Apple Music, noting that she often plays “Run the World (Girls)” for her daughter Kulture. And Houston’s “I’m Every Woman” hits close to home. “I feel this song is for every woman like me: wife, mother, daughter, stripper, provider, sister, boss, mogul. This song is for all those powerful women in the world.”

Source: Apple Music

Cadence Candle Co. was created to inspire and illuminate your world. Our 9 oz, soy blended candles are hand-poured with music, feeling, and individuality in mind. Our candles are crafted to enlighten a particular mood. Each candle scent is made with blended fragrances and is accompanied by a thoughtful, handcrafted music playlist (via QR scan). Life is a feeling and healing process, and the energy you can produce through scent and sound is therapeutic. We promote embracing your individuality and what makes you different. Stay True to who you are! Cadence creates the rhythm within music, and your individuality creates the Cadence within you.

Source: Cadence Candle Co.

Neo soul (sometimes called progressive soul) is a genre of popular music. ... Heavily based in soul music, neo soul is distinguished by a less conventional sound than its contemporary R&B counterpart, with incorporated elements ranging from funk, jazz fusion, hip hop, and African music to pop, rock, and electronic music.

Source: Nostalgic Videos

Mellow chill beats, chillhop, smooth lofi hip-hop & relaxing jazzy vibes. Updated weekly.

Source: Chill Beats Music


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