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How To Reduce High Employee Turnover: The Ultimate Guide

Attracting top talent to your company and then keeping that talent once you've got it, is crucial to your business's growth and reputation. Employee retention and motivation are interdependent and directly correlated. This means a good employee retention rate will reduce operational costs, allow you to outperform your direct competitors, build morale, and improve your customer service levels.

Hiring and firing is expensive. Very expensive.

If someone leaves your company, you need to consider the opportunity cost and the impact of not having someone in that role for an extended period. It could wipe out a particular client. It could backlog a team, project, or experience. You might now have to pay someone else overtime to compensate for the missing person. This may cause a snowball effect that can cycle into higher workloads, more stress, and sluggish morale.

Employee Retention Strategies

  1. Hire The Right People

  2. Make Your Workplace Creative

  3. Pay Well

  4. Give Competitive Benefits

  5. Reward Employees

  6. Exit Interview

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