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The Influencer Collective: Harnessing Entrepreneurial Spirit

By: Shahara Anderson-Davis

Last month I joined my good friend Jenn Sherman, Founder and Chief Strategist of The Influencer Collective, to discuss my life, how I started a branding and communications firm, overcoming bias in the workplace and making an impact during these revolutionary times. It was a treat having girl talk with a fellow #BOSSBABE! Between the current health and race pandemics, life has become even more draining than it was in the past. Despite the tumultuous climate, I find peace in and stay hopeful of the positive changes that are forthcoming. These are the times when hustlers are tested, innovators are born and haters are muted.

"To succeed in anything in life you need a vision. If you can't see the forest through the trees, you need to chop them down." —Sean "Diddy" Combs

I cannot stress my favorite quote (look above) enough! If you don't get it again, once more and again! Thank you Jenn for inviting me to share my voice on your platform and for launching the Dose of Your Future - Quarantine Edition series. Interested in more? The Influencer Collective has been featuring DMV businesses owners who are helping our community during these unprecedented times - particularly highlighting leaders in the hospitality, restaurant and non-profit space who are supporting our neighborhoods and healthcare workers. 

A Dose of Your Future, interviews executives and thought leaders who are empowering entrepreneurs, businesses, and idea makers. The show focuses on creating a community of influencers who have a social impact driven mission to help fuel the global economy and to also empower the next generation of our workforce

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