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How to Boost Your Content Marketing Team’s Efficiency

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

Source: Content Marketing Institute

Efficiency is rarely a primary concern for content marketing teams. We talk about quality, conversions, and brand alignment. The awesomeness of what we do and the results the work provides are usually our major concerns. Systems and processes take a back seat.

However, particularly in uncertain times, having a system becomes vitally important. It lets us do the right work at the right time with as little waste as possible.

A growing number of marketing leaders are experimenting with methods and tools for boosting agility to improve the efficiency of their teams. According to a 2020 survey by AgileSherpas of 637 business owners, marketing directors, and managers, there’s a huge growth in understanding the need for marketing process optimization.

The report shows that 42% of marketing teams in North America have adopted practices from the Agile methodology for boosting marketing efficiency, while 95% of traditional marketing teams with an interest in Agile are planning to adopt it within the next 12 months.

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