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EDT vs EST: How to Use EST vs EDT Correctly

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

Source: Medium

EDT vs EST! Timezone abbreviations are short but usually differ only by one letter, so it’s no wonder that they are causing a lot of confusion. What’s the difference between EDT and EST, for example? Of course, there’s nothing wrong with always googling the abbreviation when you stumble upon it in a text, but maybe your life will be a tiny bit easier if you clearly understand and remember the difference once and for all.

EDT stands for “Eastern Daylight Time” and it’s the time that is used in some parts of North America during the spring and the summer . In contrast, EST is the abbreviation of “Eastern Standard Time”, and North Americans live in accordance with it in the fall and the winter .

Both EDT and EST refer to the Eastern Time Zone that covers a number of American states, as well as Ontario, Quebec, and Nunavut of Canada. From the first Sunday of November until the second Sunday of March, all these locations follow EST. And on the second Sunday of March, the clocks are switched to EDT.

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