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10 CEOs Who Are Maximizing ROI AND Standing Up For Black Lives

7. Julie Sweet, Accenture

Source: Forbes

If we hope to achieve racial equality in this country, we need leaders who are authentic, committed, and engaged; leaders from all different realms — education, government, and business — who use their voices and platforms to effect systemic change.  And, of course, we need those leaders to demonstrate success in the marketplace to maintain their platforms for impact.

More importantly, however, we need leaders who demonstrate consistent support; leaders who remain allies long after the news cycle has moved on to other headlines. Leaders like the ones I have chosen below, each of whom has a strong record of promoting diversity, both in the past and the present moment. Some have personally enacted policies that support people of color; others are upholding a legacy that began decades ago. 

Here are 10 CEOs and companies who have been championing diversity and inclusion for years — and who are still standing up for Black lives now. 

  1. 1. Jide Zeitlin, Tapestry (Coach, Kate Spade)

  2. 2. Matthew McCarthy, Ben & Jerry’s

  3. 3. Marvin Ellison, Lowe’s

  4. 4. Mary Barra, General Motors

  5. 5. Ramon Laguarta, PepsiCo

  6. 6. Roger Ferguson, TIAA-CREF

  7. 7. Julie Sweet, Accenture

  8. 8. Kenneth Frazier, Merck

  9. 9. Marc Benioff, Salesforce

  10. 10. Josh Silverman, Etsy

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