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To succeed in anything in life you need a vision. If you can't see the forest through the trees, you need to chop them down.


Sean "Diddy" Combs


A native Washingtonian with nothing more than hustle and a vision, prior to adulthood I obtained my primary and secondary education at the Bullis School located in the affluent Potomac, MD suburban community located about 14 miles northwest of Washington, DC (beltway traffic=yikes). Heading into my high school senior year, I secured a four-year internship with the U.S. Department of Transportation. Those days were filled with new cultural experiences, extremely heavy backpacks, college forward assignments, strenuous workouts and lifelong friends.


The private school girl vibe was cool and all, but I needed a drastic change. So, what did I do? I narrowed down my college options, opted to no longer play field hockey (bye, bye scholarship $) and took my talents to the hustle and bustle of Philadelphia, PA. I am a proud alumnus of Temple University and obtained my Bachelor of Business Administration in International Business Administration (#templemade). I’ve studied abroad in Argentina and Vietnam, but DC is my hometown and once I graduated that’s where I decided to plant my career roots.

One of the things I’m often asked is "How on earth did you get started in all this?" Post-college as I began to emerge in the DC young professional scene, a mentor tasked me with projects for her and her corporation. I guess I did well because she pushed me to officially launch my own business and is still one of my clients to this day. After a lot of angst trying to choose a business name and what my focus would be, I realized that my unusual combination of interests and skills was a strength, not a liability.

Founded in 2016, 3D Vision is inspired by my late father Donald Dwight Davis. We are a Black woman-owned branding and communications consulting firm. We specialize in Digital and Print Branding and Communications. As 3D Vision continues to evolve and thrive, our mission remains: we bring your vision to life.


2019 AMAC Annual AirportBusiness Diversity Conference

We all have dreams. In order to make dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline and effort.


—Jesse Owens

You never know how or when you’ll have an impact, or how important your example can be to someone else.


—Denzel Washington

There's power in allowing yourself to be known and heard, in owning your unique story, in using your authentic voice. And there's grace in being willing to know and hear others.


—Michelle Obama

Deborah Flint, CEO of Los Angeles World Airports (L) and Shahara Anderson-Davis
2018 AMAC Airport Business Diversity Conference
2018 AMAC Leadership Summit
Mayor Muriel Bowser and Shahara Anderson-Davis

Have a vision. Be demanding.


—Colin Powell

A NASA 'Hidden Figure' and Shahara Anderson-Davis
Shahara DC Chamber Gala 2014
Shahara with Leland Martin

If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude. Don't complain.


—Maya Angelou 

Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.


—President Barack Obama

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